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Birkenwerder, a city in the green

Birkenwerder is near Berlin, you can get here with the motorway 10, by train from Berlin or Oranienburg and by bicycle on the "Cycleway Berlin-Kopenhagen". Birkenwerder is situated in a beautiful landscape.Today (02.01.2002) about 6.616 people live here.
Birkenwerder is a relatively old town. The first time it was mentioned, was in 1355. The name was "Berkenwerder".
In about 1840 there were four brickworks. The bricks were called " Gelber Birkenwerder Klinker ". They were sent by ships all over the country, especially to Berlin. In Birkenwerder several shipowners were registered at this time.
The church in Birkenwerder is made from Birkenwerder Klinker in 1849. August Stüler was the architect.He was a pupil of Friedrich Schinkel.
The oldest house, you can find, was built in about 1740. Today there is a museum.
Other famous buildings are
- the city hall, built in 1912 in the Baroque Style,
- the new station, built in 1925 for the electric citytrain to Berlin. It replaced the old station from 1877,
- the Asklepios Klinik, built as a sanatorium for people suffering from TB in 1897. During the sixties it changed to a special hospital for orthopädist. Today people come for treatment from all over the country,
- the Clara Zetkin Gedenkstätte, here Clara Zetkin lived from 1929 to 1932 and now there is a famous museum and the local library.
You can also admire the beautiful landscape. This is characterised by the little river Briese, which passes througth the city centre. You can walk along the Briese during woods and meadows and you can find rare flowers and plants, like orchids. If you are quiet, you can see roes, wild boars, foxes, rabbits and nutrias. In spring and autumn you can see cranes on the moor-meadows.
Birkenwerder is in a good position for industry. There are large wellknown firms like
- Frankotyp Postalia,
- Heidelberger Druckmaschinen,
- Gegenbauer Gruppe
and a lot of local firms.
A new housing estate was built in Birkenwerder-Nord with about 150 flats.
Although the federal highway 96 crosses the city, with about 20.000 cars per day, Birkenwerder is usually a quiet town and most people like living here.

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